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Why Does Mental Wellness Matter?


Let’s begin with defining what wellness is, it is both a state and a process of actively being aware of and taking steps towards becoming healthy. It encompasses both your mental and physical health. There are eight dimensions of wellness, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual wellness. [...]

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What causes dry skin? – Your Brand Of Beauty Tips


[ad_1] Many people suffer from dry skin every year, some people live with it on a daily basis, and some only notice it during winter or periodically. In fact, dry skin is quite common. What are the signs of dry skin? Some of the signs that you may have dry [...]

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Your Brand Of Beauty – Your Skin in Your 40’S


[ad_1] When it comes to your skin, your 30’s were great times, but your 40’s may not be such a magical time, despite some of the wonderful changes that may be happening in other areas of life. You may notice some of these unwelcome changes may require you to step [...]

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Your Skin in Your 50’s


[ad_1] Ok, so you’ve gotten through your 40’s, and you thought that was rough (literally). Now your 50’s have arrived and what should you expect? Skin changes in your 50’s Whether male or female, your skin still continues to lose elasticity because of the declining levels of collagen and elastin. [...]

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Your Skin After 60 – Your Brand Of Beauty


[ad_1] And you thought your 50’s was tough on your skin. From your 60’s on, everything that changed with your skin over the last decade just continues to accelerate. Getting enough moisture into your skin becomes more of a challenge, yet more important. In addition to the changes that you [...]

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