The skincare routine and skin care products used for your face shouldn’t be the same as the skin on the rest of your body. Why? As a result of your facial skin being much thinner and more delicate than the rest of your body’s surface.

Your layers of skin

We all have three layers of skin, the hypodermis, demis, and epidermis. Each of these layers plays a different role.

  1. Hypodermis: Composed of tissue, fats, and sweat glands, the hypodermis is the innermost skin layer.
  2. Demis: The next layer is the dermis. It is the layer where our nerves and blood reside.
  3. Epidermis: The outermost layer that protects us from bacteria and foreign substances. As a result, this layer will vary in thickness on different parts of our body, especially if it has too little fat.

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