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For over ten years, we’ve been remotely providing software and service businesses, marketing agencies, and digital publications across North America with an array of reliable, professional, high-quality content.

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Thinkers360 has named our founder among the top female thought leaders and influencers in content areas like financial services and technology, education technology, human resources, business strategy, the future of work, and customer experience since 2019.We’ve helped companies craft stellar and impactful content covering these and other B2B topics.

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    Servicing B2B companies, marketing agencies, and digital magazines of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and content marketing agencies.

    Hire us for your remote website content strategy and content and copywriting, content marketing, or social media content creation needs.

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    Content Creation Awards


    With over ten years of providing content services to top digital publications, businesses and marketing agencies, our founder has been awarded thought leadership awards multiple years in these and other content categories. She has also been voted in the top 150 global female thought leaders to follow.

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    Your vision for the content that you want is our top priority. We collaborate with you and deliver the content you need. It is all about you!

    Always Professional

    Our team at Lead-Her-Ship Group are true professionals at all times. Content writing is our passion and our strength.

    Highly experienced

    Our highly experienced staff and internal Agile processes make it possible to deliver the top-notch content that our clients expect.

    Highly Reliable

    Our clients can rely on us to deliver what they want, when they want – no excuses.

    On-time Delivery

    We deliver your content when you need it. Our delivery success rate is 100%.


    Our service models allow your business to pay for what you need, when you need it, without compromising quality.








    “Lead-Her-Ship Group’s founder, Moira, was a blessing to our marketing strategy at Changepoint, and exactly the content partner I needed personally. Frankly put, working with Moira helped me sleep at night. As a writer, Moira has a unique ability to combine her own industry proficiency and the expertise of others and translate both into words that are universally understood, but more importantly, they are universally felt. It’s an elegant art, one you can only recognize when you see it. She delivered on gold-standard work every single time on a consistent basis without fault. She’s the most collaborative and transparent partner that I’ve ever worked with, and I always trust that Moira will deliver on anything we work on together. On top of being a great professional – you’ll get an even greater human in Moira. She is one of the most uplifting, supportive, and infectiously kind people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It can be a leap of faith working with a new content partner or writer. If you want to sleep better at night, hire Moira to help with your content.”

    Andy Tolton, Former Director of Corporate Communications at Changepoint

    “Moira worked with our product marketing and brand teams at Plastiq to develop a rich series of content spanning fintech and payments topics, cash flow management, accounting automation, and more.  She was able to independently research detailed topics from a very basic outline and come back with extremely well-written, interesting pieces. As a result of working with Moira for just one quarter, we have a robust library of sales enablement and demand generation content in multiple business verticals that augment our product Go-To-Market (GTM) efforts. I would highly recommend Moira’s work. She is incredibly easy to work with, responsive, and productive.”

    Shelby Ferrari, Vice President of Product Marketing at Plastiq

    “Moira Alexander does great work. She takes instructions beautifully, and the quality of the content she produces is excellent. I had a huge backlog of work and urgent needs to get through in the wake of a sudden talent departure, and she eased my burdens tremendously. She’s very easy to collaborate with, so supportive, hyper-responsive and doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding. Her work not only helped me to meet my content development objectives in a timely manner, she was a core piece of our organization’s brand development efforts. And did I mention she’s a doll to work with?”

    Kellye Whitney, Content Manager - Marketing at Sounding Board Inc.
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