Project management v. business process management: What you need to know

  These two roles are intertwined, but they are separate and distinct disciplines.   Project management has a defined start and end; it doesn't have any ongoing stages or components like process management does. Projects accomplish specific objectives within a set timeline and follow five unique phases: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and close. Projects are managed by a project manager and his or her team. In contrast, business process management initiatives can be [...]

How to use surveys to get project buy-in

  Getting everyone to accept a project can be a challenge. Surveys can help build interest and get ideas.   Stakeholders are often concerned about change and how it will affect them. Getting feedback helps companies and stakeholders in the following ways: View Moira Alexander’s article as it’s published on Source link

6 easy ways to inspire unmotivated teams

Motivation can be in short supply during times of stress. The good news is there are at least six reasonably easy ways to get your teams back to work. These are not the only realities of a decrease in motivation. There are several proven statistics that confirm that there's a direct line between motivation levels, impact, and cost to businesses. The key is recognizing the impact and benefits of motivating unmotivated teams, then taking steps [...]

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Turning a Management Weakness into a Leadership Strength

Management weaknesses can vary widely, and can be anything from technical knowledge and abilities to mentoring and facilitation skills, communication, and even personal characteristics. And while this can apply to anyone in the workplace, the ability to transform management weakness is continually under increased pressure by virtue of its level of impact to organizations. View Moira Alexander’s article as it’s published on Source link

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How to prevent dysfunction in project teams before it begins

Team dysfunction is more common than you might think. Although it's a normal part of working relationships, there are ways to prevent it. Dysfunction sometimes shows up at the start of a new relationship when teams are formed. Other times, team interactions start out well then you notice that something isn't right. Dysfunction can impact all five phases of project execution: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/controlling, and closing.  View Moira Alexander’s article as it’s published on [...]

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