Getting CIO approval for projects can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to create a persuasive pitch and increase your chances for success.

Once you have gone through the key justification for the project, the CIO will want to know how much this will cost the company – in terms of budgetary and human resources. If available, provide realistic estimates of the total project. If this is not available, come prepared to discuss which vendors are being considered and be ready to get estimates to provide to the CIO on short notice. Remember, no matter how great the proposed project is, if the project is unaffordable or can’t be resourced it won’t be able to proceed at that point. Even some of the best of project ideas have been shelved until another time due to budget constraints. Your goal is to realistically and clearly pitch the need for the project and its benefits to the CIO. In turn, it will be up to the CIO to evaluate if the benefits of the project outweigh the costs and pitch it to the CEO and executive team.

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