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Our digital content creation company is on a mission to write high-value business, project management, and technology content that makes waves and strengthens brands — like yours.

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In this new business world that’s been created through globalization, political and market uncertainty, elevated competition, and a quickened pace of change, businesses and digital publications are under increasing pressured to improve the quality of digital content.

As a leader in your space, your business or publication recognizes the only way to do this is to make waves of change in ways that make an immediate and sustainable connection with your audience. We help you maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, you need high-value, interesting, thought-provoking online content.


At Lead-Her-Ship Group we understand this and employ our own thought leadership to provide your digital publication or business with the engaging written content needed to better engage your audience and keep them coming back. Through our digital content writing services, we can help position you as a leader and keep you there.

We’ve worked with

> Fortune 500 companies

> Top tier B2B and B2C digital publications 

> Small and mid-sized businesses 

> Content marketing firms 

Website content creation company Lead-Her-Ship Group

To ideate and write the professional high-value web content needed to make a sustainable connection. Our content writing services can help you make the waves of change that keep things moving in the right direction.

About the Founder & President

In addition to being the founder of Lead-Her-Ship Group, Moira Alexander is the founder of PMWorld 360 Magazine, a digital project management publication and author of “LEAD or LAG: Linking Strategic Project Management & Thought Leadership.” She’s a media recognized business and project leader, and contributor to various technology and business publications, including CIO Magazine, TechRepublic, (a CBS Interactive company), and Tech Pro Research.

Moira also creates project management, thought leadership, and IT content for various private and publicly traded companies. Moira’s paperback book Lead or Lag and 12 eBooks can be found on Amazon.

Moira is also a contributor to the Price of Business Talk Radio on the BizTalkRadio Network and US Business Radio. She has 20 years experience in project management, IS&T, business process, accounting and business content strategy and content creation for small to large businesses in the U.S and Canada.