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Lead-Her-Ship Group has partnered PMWorld 360 Magazine and a network of nationwide US business radio websites to help you get your sponsored content featured to businesses and customers worldwide. Lead-Her-Ship Group is making it possible for companies to showcase their best innovations and brightest leaders through articles, videos and on-line web-interviews. Along with this content are additional opportunities for companies to appear in online advertising spots on PMWorld 360 Magazine, the digital project management publication. Here’s more about our two marketing and advertising services for businesses.

Content Marketing & Advertising services for B2B & B2C companies

We offer affordable opportunities for businesses to get the word out about products or services. In partnership with radio websites, Lead-Her-Ship Group writes articles that showcase start-ups and businesses of all sizes across America. These websites are long-running and respected with a national reach that is expanding. Contact us if your business has a product, service or new development to share. Two marketing opportunities are available for B2B or B2C companies.

Get your company, products, services or leaders featured in a written web interview or article

We work with you to create sponsored content for PMWorld 360 Magazine as well as various radio websites that feature your businesses, products, services, new developments, or showcase your leaders. Contact us – let’s help increase your visibility!

Become a paid sponsor for PMWorld 360 Magazine or Price of Business radio

By becoming an advertiser or content sponsor your business logo and tagline or banner advertisement will appear in one or more articles in PMWorld 360 Magazine, the digital project management magazine or on the Price of Business talk radio website. If your business is seeking an opportunity to advertise or provide sponsored content contact us.