Project managers who follow these seven high-level project management tips will achieve on-time, on-budget, goal-focused delivery of high-profile projects, thereby increasing their project success rates and career prospects.

According to Project Management Institute’s 2017 “Pulse of the Profession” global survey, organizations are wasting $97 million for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance. Yes, that’s a 20 percent decline from the previous year’s survey, but the truth is, projects still fail at a staggering rate.

What are the primary high-level reasons for project failures? Since 2006, the PMI has conducted an annual global survey of project management practitioners to chart current and future trends for project management. The survey highlights feedback and insights from project, program, and portfolio managers, along with an analysis of third-party data, and it sheds clear light on what it takes to succeed as a project manager today.